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7 elements of criminal jurisdiction

#4. The accuser must be named. He/she may be a government officer, police or sheriff officer, or another third party person, but he must be a man or woman victim or accuser that has been harmed.

Some positively identifiable person (human being) must accuse; some certain person must take responsibility for the making of the accusation, not an agency, entity, corporation, Bank, Government, or an institution.
There has to be a victim for due process cross-examination in court.

This is the only valid means by which a citizen person may begin to face his accuser. Also, the injured party (corpus delicti) victim must make the accusation and press criminal charges. Third-Party Hearsay evidence may not be provided. Anyone else testifying that they heard that another party was injured does not qualify as direct or positive evidence. This includes the Attorney representative representing the Bank Corporation or corporate Government.
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