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7 elements of criminal jurisdiction

In this series of nine (9) videos, I am going to discuss the factual 7 elements of criminal jurisdiction for any crime and give you exactly what to say when confronted or questions asked by the Police or any Government Agent in their one-sided INVESTIGATION in one of these videos, so listen to each and everyone and pay close attention and LEARN to keep your rights and freedom!!

  1. The accused must be properly identified, identified in such a fashion there is no room for mistaken identity. The individual must be singled out from all others in a law enforcement “line up” of at least 5 persons of the same gender and there must always be a creditable eye witness that observed the crime take place except in the case of a MURDER; otherwise, anyone could be subject to arrest and trial without benefit of “wrong party” defense. Almost always, the means of identification is a person’s proper name, upper and lower case letters such as David Young de God.

BUT ANY MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION IS EQUALLY VALID IF SAID MEANS DIFFERENTIATES THE ACCUSED, WITHOUT DOUBT, a victim’s identification from a lineup of at least 5 different people. (There is no constitutionally valid requirement you must identify yourself, see 4th Amendment; also see, Brown v. Texas, 443 US 47 and Kolender v Lawson, 461 US 352.)
Think about it..

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