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8 Reasons To Prove There Is No Such Thing As a Bank or Mortgage Loan

No such thing as a bank or mortgage loan

Here are 8 Reasons to Prove to you that there is No Such Thing As a Bank or Mortgage Loan to You.

1. The bank never signed the contract for acceptance or agreement. You, the alleged Borrower, are the only one who signed this Unilateral contract which is void from the begging. You must have a minimum of two separate parties or entities’ signatures for any contract to be a valid Bilateral Meeting of the Minds Contract under Contract law.

2. There was no “Meeting of the Minds”. Who else signed or agreed that the mortgage contract was a true bilateral contract?

3. The entire bank loan contract is bastardized grammar written in a fraudulent language, seizing your property, and makes you waive your rights.

4. There are no facts in the unilateral take-it-or-leave-it mortgage contract. Banks use adverbs and adjectives in front of the facts in order to modify them in favor of the bank so when you sign to fund your own loan with your own money, you modify them and change these facts so they are no longer facts when you sign.

5. The Bank states in the loan contract they were going to Loan you money. The Bank or Escrow Notary Agent did not give you a bank check, cash, or any money in which to purchase the property, did they. You gave the Bank Notary Closing Agent money in the form of your funding signature and Bank cashier check down payment which paid the alleged bank loan that came out of your bank account to pay the seller his equity if he had any and not for the property. Some people would argue that the bank took the money out of your Social Security account, but your Blue Inked Signature actually funded the alleged bank loan Promissory NOTE.
Without your signature, there is no money created and no money lent. This is stated in the “Modern Money Mechanics” Chicago Federal Reserve Bank written Book for Bankers only, but was leaked to the public verifying Bank loans are fraud and criminal actions. This is a breach of contract since there was no money lent according to “Modern Money Mechanics” and the Black’s Law Dictionary in the Mortgage or automobile loan contract, agreement, or application if you read these unilateral fake contracts.

6. If the Bank went into your Social Security account for the money, they did not have your permission or your authorization, did they? So they committed a Bank robbery, a bank fraud because they committed a Federal crime under RICO Racketeering and Conspiracy. This crime vacates their ability to contract with you by withholding Full Disclosure from you.

7. And Here is the silver bullet guys! You want to get the bank certified public accountant on the witness stand and you want him to show and explain to you and the court the double debit or the double-entry balance sheet pertaining to the presumed Bank loan. This is where the bank has to show they lost money when they gave you money but they can’t do it because they never gave you any money in the first place. AND if the bank did give you money as a loan, that money was “borrowed” from an Investor Trust by the investment Bank, then lent to you as your own funded money by your signature and then charge you rent in interest on it and called it a mortgage or automobile loan that makes you think that you must and have to pay this presumed loan Principal plus interest back with the Banks’ own FRNs.

8. Ask the Bank to prove where they got the loan money. Remember, pursuant to Banking law, the bank cannot loan or lend their own FRN funny money, their Bank Assets, their Credit, their Depositors’ money, so where did the money come from, and was the bank the true lender.. Think about it.

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