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A Method to Defeat Criminal Conduct in Foreclosure

A method to defeat criminal conduct in foreclosure

Here are a few more statute code laws you may want to learn regarding government and Foreclosure.

1. Dispute the Debt and ask for your Original Mortgage Promissory NOTE which is a Security and your Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security to prove their jurisdictional STANDING to foreclose. Remember the Originals have been destroyed via S.E.C. Security RULES!!

The Attorneys’ first step is usually to send you notice of foreclosure, giving you 30 days to “dispute” this debt. The answer is simple dispute the debt as pre-paid, ask for your Original Security two Documents Property, and challenge Territorial Jurisdiction and/or Subject Matter Jurisdiction.

Method of Disputing Debt Send a business letter to the judge, attorney, and Mortgage Company, by Certified Mail, stating as follows: “I dispute this debt as pre-paid. I dispute all claims of contract 15 USC 1692g.”

Note: 15 USC 1692a-n, known as the “Fair Debt Collection Act” says what “Debt Collectors” can and can not do in the process of collecting a debt. You should copy this for your information.

2. If you go to Court: a. Challenge “Agency” of attorney with “Plaintiff”. Challenge Attorney’s Bank Authorization “Capacity to sue” for a corporation. Their Jurisdiction as outlined in number 1 above.

b. Demand the attorney produce the original blue inked signed and funded “Original Note” and “original Credit Agreement Contract Security” be it a mortgage or automobile Security for return by the judge if “Foreclosure” is granted. The “Plaintiff” can not keep the “Note” and take the property, it is lawfully required to give up one or the other.

Tell the court you will keep the property until the “Original Promissory Note” or “Credit Agreement” that has been destroyed under SEC Rules is produced. Make sure it is your Legal sized blue ink signed NOTE and Mortgage or Automobile agreement contract..

c. Should the judge refuse to comply with the law, place a 2 cent postage stamp on either the front or the back of his order in the lower right-hand corner, of each and every page, and sign your name across it from top left to bottom right diagonally.

This establishes any further action by the judge is “Mail Fraud” 18 USC 1341. This crime should be reported to the postal inspector and the UPU in Bern Switzerland for investigation and prosecution.

Note: Every “Foreclosure” can be beaten by this simple method. When a corporation receives a “Promissory Note” signed by you they deposit it and receive the amount plus additional money for the purchase of their contract, by the Federal Reserve Bank. Then they sell or assign your debt contract to take it off their accounting books under GAAP double bookkeeping practices and receive payment again. The “Promissory Note” once “monetized” is removed from circulation can not be enforced.

If in Foreclosure, you should ask the Court for recoupment after the Bank or foreclosing agent can not produce the Original Mortgage NOTE Security and the Original Mortgage Debt Lien Contract Security.. Do not settle for their reduced copies printed on legal paper as the Originals have been destroyed once they entered the Investor Trust who funded the Bank or Lender the MONEY TO GIVE YOU A MORTGAGE LOAN.

Therefore a copy of your note is not admissible, only the one AND ONLY blue inked signed and funded “original” will do to establish their right to the property or validate the alleged debt.

Demand it, it is your right to your property to be returned to you the creator and maker especially if “Foreclosure” is granted and the bank steals your home. Think about it..

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