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A Mortgage is a Bogus Loan That is Typically Used to Purchase a Property

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A Mortgage is a Bogus Presumed Loan by a Lender or Bank Investment Company

A mortgage is a bogus presumed loan from a Lender or a Bank Investment Company that is typically used to purchase a property, such as a home or a piece of land from a Lender or Bank which claims to lend their own money which they cannot do by Statute Law. A bank investment company and lender borrow the funds from an Investor Trust and pay the debtor loan back with your Unregistered Mortgage NOTE and incidental Mortgage Contract county recorded security which has no interest in the Mortgage Promissory NOTE.

The lender, usually a bank or a corporate financial institution, provides the borrower with the funds they borrow from the Investor Trust as a Borrower or Debtor, not a Creditor as they claim for you to buy the property, and the borrower, YOU, agree to repay the loan over a set period of time, usually 20 to 30 years with interest which doubles the principal amount that you loaned yourself.

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