Best Hidden Government Bank Criminal Action in the History of Man, Final Part 6

Best hidden government bank criminal action in the history of man

Neither the Bank, Lender, Financial Company, nor the Investor Trust is the owner or holder in due course of your property.

No one is except you as proven by your own self-funding money signature!! Once the Bank Lender sells or assigns your presumed loan no one can legally foreclose if you can prove the facts.

These facts can easily be determined by a Certified Public Accountant inspecting and reading their accounting bookkeeping books under the GAAP Accounting system or by you by reading their Trust Pooling and Servicing Contract that your mortgage was sold into?

The Bank or Financial Company’s accounting bookkeeping books can also tell you when they borrowed the money from a “Warehouse” line of credit from the larger bank or Government entity that they claim that they loaned you money to purchase the property.

Remember you gave your funding signature in EXCHANGE for the Property or Real Estate. A straight Exchange of your funding money signature and the property does not make you a borrower or a debtor to any Bank and does not make you owe a debt that never existed.

Also remember that you can request in writing that Federal or STATE OF Courts, Banks, or any other Private Corporation Commercial Business prove they have Federal Territorial Jurisdiction over you if you are a living free individual sovereign man or woman living in a Confederation state and know who you are!

To learn more about this contact me, David Young de God at or SKYPE dayglobal.

Do you know who you are? If you are under the impression that you are Federal United States Citizens, you are brainwashed! LEGAL under the Federal Government is not Lawful under organic law!! Think about it..

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