Best Hidden Government Bank Criminal Action in the History of Man, Part 4

Best hidden government bank criminal action in the history of man

This bank fraud and criminal actions go on all the time because the Courts work for the Banks and the B.A.R.

The attorney that you hired works for the Court and neither the Attorney JUDGE Administrator nor Attorneys know the accounting system and are ignorant of the FACTS that you are not the borrower and that your presumed loan or the debt has been paid with the Bank’s accepted New Credit Agreement Debt Payoff State UCC1 registered under SEC rules as a Security or money.

Also when you hire an attorney, the attorney’s job is to reach a settlement in favor of the bank so you pay the Attorney and the Bank through the Court which is a debt collector for the private Territorial Federal Reserve Bank corporations. Oh! By the way, you can question Territorial Jurisdiction at any time. To learn more about this contact me, David Young de God at or SKYPE: dayglobal.

Do you know who you are? If you are under the impression that you are Federal United States Citizens, you are brainwashed! LEGAL under the Federal Government is not Lawful under organic law!! Think about it..

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