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Civil Rights and Actions

Civil rights and actions

Here are a few more statute code laws you may want to learn and remember regarding Bank Fraud, Government Fraud, and Foreclosure Defense.

Civil Actions: Trinsey v. Pagliaro, D.C. Pa. 1964, 229 F. Supp. 647, United States Supreme Court Case, NOT OVERTURNED and it states that most of the cases filed as civil actions are “Fraud” of attorneys claiming a “Corporation” has rights, privileges, and immunities in court, common knowledge dictates a Corporation is an artificial State paper registered person without natural rights, surely not lawful rights.

For an attorney to file a civil action representing a “Corporation” “BANK” or “Government” as “Plaintiff” is clear “Fraud on the Court”. A “Corporation” cannot sign a “Power of Attorney” or give any attorney verbal instructions to act on its behalf. Therefore, no attorney can lawfully represent any “Corporation in court” including Bank Corporations!

Lawful Challenge: Demand the “Plaintiff” appear. Because the 6th Amendment secures that no person will be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

Therefore, the “Plaintiff” must appear and state he/she is owed a debt, the debtor must be given the right to challenge this debt for “validation” 15 USC 1692g. Only an “injured party” can claim a debt is owed. “Imaginary persons” cannot appear or give testimony and cannot be the “Plaintiff” of any cause of action.

If an officer of the corporation, asks if he/she was the victim that was harmed.. How were they harmed? Did they lend actual lawful money for an actual loan? Where did they get the money from for your loan?

Did they use their own money or their depositor’s money or their assets for their alleged loan? Challenge the attorney as a “Foreign Agent” under 22 USC 611 acting for a “Foreign State” (Corporation) who has to commence an action in violation of the 11th Amendment.

Demand dismissal for lack of territorial Federal jurisdiction or State Subject Matter Jurisdiction.

Principles of Law: 42 USC 1981 states: The people have rights, Corporations do not have rights.

Among these “Rights” is the right to contract. The people exercise this right by their funding signature for the money to be extracted from your Government Redemption account and/or Social Security Number account.

Corporations can not sign and therefore can not enter into any contract, with an attorney or Borrower. The right to contract is reserved for the people. This is established by the age-old principle of “Agency”. To establish an “Agency”, the “Principal” must ask the “Agent” to perform a task. The “Agent” must agree to perform the task. It is a time-tested principle, of “American Jurisprudence” that the “Court” must not rely upon the “Agent” to prove “Agency”.

The “Court” must follow the “Principal” to establish an “Agency”. The law is simple no “Principal” no “Agency” to “Capacity to Sue”. The case must be dismissed WITH PREJUDICE!!
Think about it..

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