"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Consent Under MAXIMS OF LAW Once Given is Gone – Part 15

Consent under maxims of law once given is gone

Establishment of “The United States of America” Government Bill of Rights When we, the people” established, approved, confirmed, ratified and Adopted (meaning Government acceptance to abide by) the organic law first styled or named the 1777 thirteen colony state Confederation Constitution Perpetual union of states, “The United States of America” Government by writing the first organic original and only constitution for “The United States of America” Government known as of the 1777 “Articles of Confederation” Constitution.

With this original organic law constitution, we, the people, created a government for ourselves for protection against foreign invaders and gave ourselves, each free individual sovereign man, woman, and child inalienable rights that are free from any government or Corporate interference.

The Bill of Rights are rights that cannot be taken away merely by writing territorial Federal U.S.A. or sub-state Corporate “STATE OF” statutes, codes, rules, regulations, policies, or using unlawful court cases in each B.A.R. British Business Corporate Court under the Color of Law Presumptions handed down by one Attorney Judge under their Color of Law STATUTES that look and written LIKE LAWS but are NOT LAWS.

These rights cannot be taken from you, in theory without your consent. But as you know in poker, a Colt 45 beats Four under-the-sleeve Aces.
Think about it..

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