Credit Agencies or Credit Bureaus

Credit agencies or credit bureaus

‘Credit Agencies’ or Credit Bureaus report your personal credit scores to private independent businesses, corporations, and government departments. This reporting of your credit score is to determine whether a company or bank will give you a presumed loan at what credit interest rate.

The three major “credit agencies” or Credit Bureaus are:

1. Equifax Credit Agency covering the Southern States’ population.
2. Experian Credit Agency covering the Western States’ population.
3. Transunion Credit Agency covering the North Eastern States’ population.

These “Credit Agencies” or Credit Bureaus can overlap meaning that a business can pull two or all three credit agencies’ credit reports on you in order to decide to give you an imaginary bank loan or not based on your credit scores.

THE HIGHER YOUR CREDIT SCORES the more credit you can obtain at a lower interest rate. But remember these presumed Bank loans are debt. Every time you pay off a debt, your credit scores and credit ratings increase with these “Credit Agencies” or Credit Bureaus. can help pay off and discharge your loan or debt to a zero balance in 14 days.

These Credit Agencies or Credit Bureaus are private corporations just like the IRS, DOD, DOT, Federal Reserve Banks, and the United States Government in the District of Columbia. The 1871 UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION established and created a Corporation in WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA to rule over and control the Citizens Persons, Legal ALL CAPITAL LETTERED NAME Fictions in the commercial as the Federal Government.

The Federal Government lies within the outer borders of the Confederation states and are considered to be “forts, magazines, arsenals, and other needful buildings” and not the land or Confederate states outside.

Each confederation state is separate from the Federal United States Territory. These “Credit Agencies” or “Credit Bureaus” suck the life out of the American people as part of the RICO banks and Government criminal element mafia of modern time. Think about it..

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