"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Gold Is Money – Everything Else Is Just Credit

We must understand what money actually is, its CREDIT Plain and Simple! J.P. Morgan way back in 1912 Said “Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit” and he was right!

Gold Is Money - Everything Else Is Just Credit

Fast forward to now and you can see we now live in a world where nearly everything is credited, EVERYTHING! Nothing is backed by Gold.
Real estate and commodities has been “borrowed” against by a bigger percentage than any time in history.
Then we have $1.6 quadrillion dollars of derivatives hanging over the financial world. This is all credit and it all carries a huge risk to our way of life today.

So why not fight back? We as people have a right to claim what is rightfully ours but most people do not know how to go about it or where to start.
This is where we come in! We will help you file an IPN using your information and and you will receive your IPN (International Promissory Note) within 90 days to pay off your debt to the bank! Its really that simple using my tried and proven system that has helped people all over get back their lives using the IPN to pay off their debt within 90 days!

So if you’re one of the thousands of people losing your home or business because of debt, then give us a call the Mortgage Lien Removal Expert and Educator against Mortgage Lender Fraud; CALL: [850] 423-9728 TODAY to get started. We can help!

debt payoff letter from wells fargo bank
debt payoff letter from wells fargo bank

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