"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Part 8

How the coronavirus will spark the greatest depression of all time through government officials intervention part8

Biggest Thing Since 1776 is Happening NOW, How the Coronavirus Will Spark the Greatest Depression of ALL TIME Through Government Officials intervention part 8

The government is likely to force everybody to take the vaccine which may be less effective than the flu vaccination. Now, this is where it gets really serious because if you don’t take the vaccine or if you escape taking it, you probably won’t get a mandatory Government-issued coronavirus vaccination card just like a mandatory STATE Driver License, etc., where the Government takes away your unalienable right to say no and refuse the Corona Virus Vaccine.

If you don’t get a card proving you’ve had the coronavirus vaccine, maybe you can’t get on a plane, train, bus, go to a public gathering, or the supermarket for food without showing your Government-issued coronavirus vaccination card. Pure Socialistic Communism where you have no rights? The Government will control everything, a Third World ORDER of GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS (All CAPS).

No doubt, the Government will create a new agency like the TSA or homeland security, the standing army on American soil. Once this new Government Agency is created to herd you cattle and debt slaves, this Government Agency will be self-perpetuating and will not ever go away. Think about it..

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