How To Buy Automobiles Without STATE Registration

If your credit is good, now you can buy a car or truck without having to REGISTER it with the STATE OF and retain full control of your ownership. remember, when the Car dealership registers your car with the STATE OF, the STATE OF is the EQUITY OWNER and you are just the REGISTERED RENTER or USER under USUFRUNCT and need to take care of the upkeep of it and by buying Insurance. Your car, just like your home, is NOT yours UNLESS you buy your car with this MUST-HAVE successful know-how valuable lawful information..

When you follow my instructions in detail, with this pamphlet, I will show you how to:

1. What to say to the car dealership.
2. Receive a receipt that shows ownership when you follow my instructions.
3. Avoid paying for insurance if you wish.
4. How to Record your lawful car receipt as your property, and…
5. Write an initial letter disputing car payments after you receive a request statement from the Bank for monthly payment. (Included)

You may need to send the letter directly to the finance or car loan department more than once and make a phone call to the HEAD OD THE CAR LOAN DEPARTMENT and explain that they owe you or the debt has been paid by the Dealer.

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