I Am God

I am god

The Holy Bible states that man is God over all animals. Was the Bible referring to only the 545 persons in the Territorial Federal Political Government Corporation in the foreign District of Columbia WASHINGTON City Municipality that rule over 300,000 Million people as man Masters and slave owners of we the American people that are used as the Government Tax and Debt Generating animals of their Earth?

Hello, my real legal and lawful name is God. My first God-given name is David Young de with “de” meaning “of the Family”. I have no middle name. My last family names the government uses as a Corporation “surname” is “God” that our Father in Heaven gave me through my parents.

I see many of you putting “de God” after your last surname the government gave you. Probably because you don’t know any better. Probably because you think I am lying about my name. Probably because my true God-given name is “God” and you want to be like or immolate me illegally. Probably because you want to show your ignorance. Probably because you are not sure WHO YOU ARE.

Probably because you are confused or unknowledgeable; You don’t care who you are or where you came from; a 1787 rewritten second Constitutional Federal Territory Government and a second styled “United States of America” Citizen, Person, Debt Slave, Tax Milk Cow, or think you are a Territorial Federal Corporation Government patriot Citizen ruled by only 545 foreign Persons in the District of Columbia Municipality Corporation Government!

YOU ARE NOT “God” and your last name is not God. Is God your true legal and lawful last name such as mine is? I am the only sovereign man on earth with the God-given name of “God” that Citizen Persons think as a surname or last name. So do yourselves a favor and do not put “de God” after your name on any documents. If you do, you are impersonating me and breaking the Government Codes, Statutes, and their Color of Laws.

Who knows if you do, the police may even arrest you for impersonating God in Heaven herself or himself with new Government Corporation CODES, STATUTES, RULES, and REGULATIONS they create.

This free sovereign individual American Kentuckian man is one of the sovereign people from the second organic law of the United States of America’s first and only constitution known as the 1777 “Articles of Confederation” styled “United States of America”.

The latter two same-styled “United States of America” Constitutions that you know make you think that you Reside in the Territorial United States “forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings” as stated in them. Both Constitutions are just REWRITES of the first Organic Confederation constitution.

Do you LIVE in one of the Confederation states on the free soil or do you RESIDE as one of their Citizens Debt and Tax Slaves in one of their “forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings”?

I know who I am. I am a sovereign man of the family God, a Kentuckian. Who are you? Please comment and subscribe. Think about it..

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