"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

I Am NOT A Human. I am Homo Sapiens man In The Republic

The POPE GOD of the Holy Se and the 3 Papal Bulls ‘Unam Sanctam (1455, 1481 & 1537)’ of the Roman Empire changed the Homo sapiens man into what the POPE called Humans in order to control and own all the people in the world as property.

You Humans or capital corporations are owned: body, soul, spirit, possessions, and Property by the POPE GOD of the Vatican, and you are ALL debt slaves.

As Humans, the POPE GOD created slaves of the Homo Sapiens world population with individuals called Jesus of Nazareth, Mary of Bethlehem, David, and Goliath, with no letter capitalized or only the first letter capitalized etc. and named you “HUMAN” and called you John W. Smith now JOHN WILLIAM SMITH All Capital Lettered Corporation; Rick M. Newman now RICK MICHAEL NEWMAN All Capital Lettered Corporation; Sarah A Williams now SARAH ANN WILLIAMS, All Capital Lettered Corporation etc. in order to own you and solidified this government-created mirror image Legal Fiction of the Homo Sapiens man or woman with your Government Created Birth where your mother, the ship, docked to born you with a Certificate of lading as cargo property on the sea to force your mother ship to birth you out of the water as a dead man walking the earth with further control and ownership by your controlled one and only SSN. This procedure is called a Government Created and Issued Birth Certificate with a Satanic Number brand..

The Vatican controlled Roman coliseums were where Gladiator Slaves were controlled and forced to fight for their lives and freedom. These Roman coliseums are now the Modern BAR Business COURTS where the foreign BAR ATTORNEY JUDGE with titles of nobility is the GOD and Emperor with all the power over you HUMAN Debt Slaves of the Banks and Government. These COURTS are where the foreign BAR ATTORNEY JUDGE GOD in a black Satanic occult dress presides to rob you, humans of your property, body, spirit, money, possessions,, and sometimes your freedom by incarceration of your body with your mind broken, resulting in your mental and sometimes physical death as a man of the soil. Are you going to do anything about your debt slavery bondage in these forced upon you courts of Public Policy? You can fight back and win with our Client Instructions at Cancel1Mortgage.info today. Think about it..

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