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Is What The Police Quote You Actually The Law?

Is what the police quote you actually the law?

Isn’t it funny that whenever a Federal government, corporate official, Bank official, or police officer says, “It’s The LAW” without knowing or quoting you the law; somehow, thru your fear of breaking the law seems official because of their position or what monkey suite they happen to be wearing at that time and you take their word for it as Gospel without questioning?

Or when a man or woman wearing plain clothes flashes a cracker box government badge or fake I.D. without giving you the time to inspect, say, “I am the Law” or “It Is The Law”..
After all, these dictator Federal government and corporate officials know their own Statutes and Codes under their color of law that they say they are enforcing, right?? NOT SO!!

These Federal Government officials tell you that Ignorance of the law is no excuse, right?

Yes, but there is no U.S.A. law that has been handed down by the Federal United States Supreme Court that states that corporate Government statutes, codes, rules, regulations, and both STATE OF or FEDERAL Court Cases are not law, just a Color of Law.. Laws can only be created by the Legislative branch of any government, not by the EXECUTIVE or Judicial Branches..

Personally, this man does not know any Police Officer, Judge, Banker, Broker, Clerk, COURT, BAR Member, or ATTORNEY that actually knows their own Statutes they call laws..

HOW could they since there are over 80 million Federal laws or statutes on the books and more are created every day..
When the Federal or STATE OF Territorial Government is outsmarted for not knowing their own statutes and codes, and if you sneeze or cough, they will claim to have a law for that also..

But they cannot quote that law, can they?? If not, they will make it a law with their Corporate lobbying in their own UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CORPORATION that you are led to believe that is the United States of America, right??
Just ask them and they will say, “It’s the Law”.. Then ask them “WHAT LAW”?? They cannot answer or give you another law that they have remembered.
ALWAYS ask them to show you the law on their internet cell phone.

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