"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Is Your NAME Just Initials? WHO ARE YOU?

Is your name just initials who are you

The government converted you into a Commercial Corporation by your NAME (ALL CAPS) by their created Birth Certificate and IMF Social Security Card Number

Making you a commercial legal fiction artificial Person Citizen surety responsible to pay nonexistent bank debt and tax fee payments. You see Capitalized INITIALS in every word in a corporation when it comes to a NAME in all CAPITAL LETTERS instead of words. Initials that look like words are everywhere in legal documents, Federal government documents, sub-Corporate State of government documents, private Corporation documents, and in everyday writing. You are programmed to write your NAME in all capital letters. You cannot read Initials, but their COURT Attorney Judge Administrators and ATTORNEYS can!

Maybe you do not recognize each Initial in your ALL CAPS STRAWMAN NAME as individual Legalese, ATTORNEY SPEAK WORDS, but the legal system Courts and ATTORNEY JUDGE ADMINISTRATORS of your Legal Trust and ESTATE do.

Initials put you into their commercial matrix of CONTRACTS. Take for instance the initials that are in all capital letters such as I.R.S. means the Internal Revenue Service; FBI means the Federal Bureau of Investigation; DOA means the Department of Agriculture; DOD means the Department of Defense; DOT means the Department of Transportation; Capital FL means the State of FLORIDA; Capital CA means the STATE of CALIFORNIA; Capital GA means the STATE OF GEORGIA, Capital NY means the STATE OF NEW YORK; etc. and each initial are different words in the Military Territorial Federal UNITED STATES, CORPORATION located in the Territorial WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA only that are separate from the Confederation state that you actually live in. If you are not in the military or a Federal Government official, you cannot live in the Federal United States and can only reside in their Territory.

Like a thorn in your hand, the thorn is styled with the same name as the Territorial Federal “United States” CORPORATION located within the outer boundaries of the hand meaning the confederation state. The Territorial Federal “United States” is separate and does not represent any of the organic 13 Confederated states, now 50 states, of the Second Organic Law of the Articles of Confederation and the first constitution of the united states perpetual union, meaning the hand state with the Federal thorn stuck in it.

The Territorial Federal Government is located within the Outer borders or boundaries of each Confederation state World Country! The Confederate states such as Florida, New York, Georgia are spelled out, are not ALL Capitalized, and are not the Territorial Federal STATE OF FLORIDA, STATE OF NEW YORK, STATE OF GEORGIA, etc..

When you were born, your parents gave you the God-given name of John Michael, not John M. and they did not give you the LAST SURNAME. The Government gave you a last name or surname when you started to attend school with their created Birth Certificate. Take a look at the Birth Certificate Certified Copy of the Birth Certificate that you think is yours. Isn’t that NAME in all CAPITAL LETTERS? The Capital letters designate that you are a legal fiction, artificial person, citizen, and a Corporation.

Now take the CAPITAL Letter “M” for example that you think is your middle initial of the Territorial Federal Government STRAWMAN NAME (ALL CAPS). On each and every government document or Credit application, they ask for your first name and only your “I” “MI” or “Middle Initial” and last name, right? If you put an “M” as your middle initial it is always capitalized, right? RIGHT!!!!

Now the “M” in B.A.R. Attorney legal-speak could mean any word that they choose the “M” to mean. For instance, the “M” or “MI” could mean Michael, Mitchell, Michelle, Mary, Mae, STATE OF MICHIGAN, WHOOPS!!, or any other secret LEGAL Capitalized word or words that Attorneys and ATTORNEY JUDGES in the Commercial realm of the imaginary matrix of contracts, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, and Court Attorney Judges think and hear when you speak these words out loud because they sound exactly like your Middle Name and are written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS BUT, are only initials representing their legal words.

The “M” in your name could mean any word that starts with an “M” in any Law Dictionary or Black’s Legal ATTORNEY Speak Law Dictionary and the ATTORNEY Court JUDGE hears and interprets that “M” or example MICHEAL into many words to confuse you, control you, and make you pay for the Territorial Federal Government Legal Fiction ALL CAPS NAME, a surety under their Uniform Commercial Code of Contracts Color of Law Presumptions, not Fact, that you think is your God-given name. After all, their ATTORNEY legalese speak ALL CAPS NAME SOUNDS exactly like your God-given Name when spoken, but they add a last name or surname to sound like a family such as John Michael Bush, right? YES!!!!

Even what you think is your God-given name at your birth after the Government created your STRAWMAN COMMERCIAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE with capitalized initials that sound exactly like your God-given name by your parents. The certificate of Live Birth at the hospital you were born in states your God-given name through your Parents from God, the creator of all things.

These INITIALS are actually DOG-LATIN LEGALESE foreign B.A.R. ATTORNEY SPEAK that do not mean what you think they mean when you hear any government official, police, Attorney, or Judge speak them. That is not you, the sovereign man, woman, or child under 18 by the First Organic Constitutional laws.

I am not going to give their STATUTES under the Color of Law, because they do not apply to the sovereign man.

This is a matter for you to demand they prove Territorial Jurisdiction in ANY COURT CASE civil or criminal.

These INITIALS is where the Territorial Federal Government presumes, assumes, gives their opinions, and has full control over you, the all CAPS Commercial NAME, under their Federal Territorial District of Columbia, Uniform Commercial Codes of Commercial Contract PRESUMPTIONS.

It’s easier to fool people with lies than for the people to prove they’ve been fooled. In Legal Attorney SPEAK, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold you guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. Not to consent and remain silent is to voluntarily consent and agree to.” Paraphrased from the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Take for instance my sovereign and my parents’ God-given name at my birth is David Young de God with only the first letter capitalized with the “de” in small letters meaning “of the Family”. I do not have a MIDDLE NAME. How do I know this to be true? Because I read it in black and white, not grey, in our thick Family Holy Bible!!

My name has only the first letter of each word capitalized in David Young, but nothing is capitalized in the last part of my first name of “de” because that is my first name on the Private Side under the first organic law, the Articles of Confederation Constitution that makes me a sovereign man of the soil and a Kentuckian with the Nationality of American.

Their 2nd rewritten 1787 Territorial Federal CONSTITUTION formed GOVERNMENTS government offices and branches, Corporations, and Maritime Admiralty Articles I, IV, and V Courts under their unlawful ratified by only 9 states when it took all 13 states of the perpetual union to ratify but non-adopted 1787 Territorial Federal CONSTITUTION by any State. This is why George Bush said, ‘The Constitution is just a piece of paper and I do not need to follow it.”

This is why the COURTS do not have to follow the Statutes of that second Constitution of 1787 when you attend their Maritime Admiralty COURTS because this second 1787 Constitution is a Federal Corporation contract and YOU, the sovereign, that live in one of the 50 Confederation states are not part of. But the only way these COURTS can get you to enter them is for them to make you a surety corporation in the commercial by your sound-alike STRAWMAN Legal Fiction NAME (ALL CAPS).

SO DON’T GO SPOUTING OUT WHAT their 1787 constitution or their District of Columbia UCC Contract Statutes, Codes, Rules, Regulations, or Their Maritime Admiralty COURT Case Presumptions state because the Judge Administrator turns a deft ear and does not hear you because you are speaking a foreign language, ENGLISH.

These Second Territorial Federal CONSTITUTION GOVERNMENTS, Corporations, and Maritime Admiralty B.A.R. Courts presume under their Federal UCC CODE and spell all human collateral NAMES unlawfully as an ALL CAPS NAME representing their artificial person, legal fiction, and a corporation in commerce so they can use you as a surety to pay all kinds of fees, license, or tax payments for your Same Sounding ALL CAPS NAME under their commercial District Of Columbia Territorial UCC CODE of Contracts Color of Law. Contracts with your voluntary and consenting signature are their Territorial Federal Law, not mine. This is a question of Territorial Jurisdiction again.

Federal Commerce in the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC, the contract code of the Federal Territory of their District of Columbia CODES is actually the Territorial CITY of WASHINGTON “DEEP STATE” of the Territorial Federal Government the third re-written 1871 Constitution, The Act of 1871, that is located inside the outer boundaries of the overlapping states such as Florida, California, Georgia, etc. And the District of Columbia 10 square mile area ceded by Virginia and Maryland for the Territorial Federal Govern Capital.

All 50 Confederate states are spelled with the full complete name with only the first letter of each state capitalized as in the three Organic Laws, United States Government Style manual, all the regular definition dictionaries, and common language for proper nouns.

These Territorial Federal State of Florida, State of California, State of Georgia, etc. are located inside or within the outer physical boundaries of the Confederation state, Florida, California, Georgia, etc. and are separate from the 50 Confederation states such as Florida, California, Georgia, etc..

If you are residing within the Territorial Federal United States as a Citizen, you were born on or are residing in a fort, meaning military bases, on an ammunition dump, stockyard, or in one of their other needful buildings that were either ceded (meaning Given) to the Territorial Federal Government, as in the District of Columbia, or purchased from a Confederation state by the Territorial Federal Government which never occurred.

This is from the 1787 Territorial Federal second Constitution for their Citizens, Persons, Corporations, Legal Fictions, Artificial Persons, but not for sovereign men or women living in the Confederation states where the Federal Government is located inside and are not overlapping the Confederation states!

The Territorial Federal Government does not own land in any of the Confederation states like Florida, California, Georgia, etc. because none of these states of the perpetual union sold or ceded any land to the Territory styled name and known as the Federal “United States”. The Federal Government leases these military bases land from the Confederation states..

The 1787 Territorial Federal Constitution is the second American Constitution, and added to rewrite of the first Articles of Confederation organic law constitution that unified the Original 13 colonies into a perpetual Union of individual Nation states with the same styled name of the “United States of America”.

America in both Constitutions was named or styled the “United States” of America to fool the American sovereign people into believing that you live in the Territorial Federal UNITED STATES CORPORATION and must follow their statutes, codes, rules, regulations, and foreign COURT orders in order to trick you into paying taxes, buying licenses to do anything, restrict your right of free movement travel, and to be sureties to pay the debts of your Government created Birth Certificates STRAWMEN NAMES and IMF Social Security Numbered Territorial fiction. Bet you didn’t know this, did you??

Are you a United States Citizen, Artificial Person, Legal Fiction, Foreign Agent with an all CAPITAL NAME, or are you a free sovereign man, woman, or child under 18?? I am a free sovereign man on the private side with the Articles of Confederation as my Constitution.

Please, comment and let me know why either way and I shall shed more light on WHO YOU ARE. Please go to Cancel1Mortgage.info and read of the Territorial Federal Government including Bank Corporation deception and fraud. Think about it..

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