"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Legal Battles Are Lost On WHAT IFS Before Court

Legal battles are lost on what ifs before court

This man does not deal in WHAT IFS or as they are called OPINIONS, THOUGHT OF What Someone Might Say, Assumptions and Presumptions.

God gave a man a brain to REASON, to think ahead, to solve your own problems. Run the scenarios in your head that think what if or what could happen and find a solution through research and study as this man does.

When a WHAT IF ever happens, this man finds a solution to counter the WHAT IF. People want to make a MOUNTAIN our t of an anthill by thinking WHAT IF.. Well, WHAT IF should be taken care of you before you order any of my e-booklets or the CAP Security Instrument that is legal tender by federal and banking law.

The banks my play dumb and pretend that only FRNS are legal tender, but FRNS are just promissory notes, securities, promises to pay, and registered pieces of paper that you perceive is money and legal tender from the Bank and government propaganda tells you or you read.

The only lawful tender is gold or silver U.S. Minted coins whether these coins contain any gold or silver at all. Now Legal tender is promissory notes, securities such as the CAP, Bank checks as vapor money, and what you people perceive as money. ANYTHING can be money if you people perceive it to be.

The FRNS are based on YOUR faith and credit in the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (ALL CAPS) and BANK’s word that it is legal tender or money.. How gullible can you ignorant people be?

There is no WHAT IF in the CAP security instrument legal tender that complies with all banking, government, and international monetary law. Also, visit StrawmanMoneyCredit.com and read it in full. Think about it..

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