Mail Fraud And Jurisdictional Defense

Mail Fraud And Jurisdictional Defense

“There are two elements in mail fraud: (1) having devised or intending to devise a scheme to defraud (or to perform specified fraudulent acts), and (2) use of the mail for the purpose of executing, or attempting to execute, the scheme (or specified fraudulent acts).” Schmuck v. the United States, 489 U.S. 705, 721 n. 10 (1989); Pereira v. the United States, 347 U.S. 1, 8 (1954) (“The elements of the offense of mail fraud under . . . § 1341 are (1) a scheme to defraud, and (2) the mailing of a letter, etc., for the purpose of executing the scheme.”); Laura A. Eilers & Harvey B. Silikovitz, Mail and Wire Fraud, 31 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 703, 704 (1994) (cases cited).
Good faith is a great defense. Good faith is honesty or sincerity of intention. If you do something in good faith, you seriously believe that what you are doing is right, honest, or legal, even though this may not be the case according to Federal Government STATUTES, CODES, RULES, REGULATIONS, POLICY, or OPINIONATED COURT CASES as ruled by the Federal UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, the “Common Law Of The Land” in many court cases. There is also another defense that I shall cover next but you need to know who you are to use it!
According to the World Federal Universal Postal Union who controls the world mail, trade, and commerce, a letter, package, or any other type of correspondence mailed, shipped, transported, or carried from one point to another without the countries’ INITIALS and money symbol as part of the Postal Stamps such as the USA $1, Dollar Symbol; USA 2c, Cent Symbol; USA 3c, Cent symbol; mail fraud because it is not paying for postage and is Sent or Carried by Private Corporations. Without the UPU money Postal Stamp, the letter or package is not mailed. It is carried or transported by private corporations such as the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, LBC, etc. who are private corporations such as the IRS, Banks, and Governments.
According to the senior World Federal Universal Postal Union Court Judge, any country’s type of money currency including the USA Dollar without the $ Dollar or “c” cent money sign or symbol printed on the fiat Dollar or mailing stamp is not money and is a fraud and swindle to the American people.
All world Countries’ Money symbol must be on all printed money, coins, or postal stamps to be lawful money and currency for any nation to mail items, conduct trade or engage in commerce. Mail Postal Stamps attached to letters and packages are no different. Without paying money to mail a letter, document, or package is not proper legal service or delivery and if challenged cannot hold up in court as positive evidence.
Again, the Private UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE Corporation printed paper sticker on the envelope, legal document, package, etc.… is not UPU Postage and does not pay for the delivery or provide proper legal service of the mail.
Every time an ATTORNEY, Court, Legal Entity, or Corporation mails or sends any physical form, letter, notice, motion, legal document, or package to the Government created legal fiction entity corporate STRAWMAN (ALL CAPITAL INITIELED NAME) which is intended for the sovereign living man or woman surety through the private United States Postal Service, USPS, Private for-profit Corporation with a paper sticker and no money symbol on this printed paper stamp is considered “mail fraud” with intent to defraud you, the living man, out of something and is not proper mail service according to the World Federal Universal Postal Union, UPU, Court Senior Judge.
When these government foreign agent Corporations mail their letters, legal documents, or packages that include a military Zip Code, they are mailing it fraudulently to a Citizen, Person, legal fiction, or Corporate Commercial Entity that reside in their territorial Federal “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings”, that is located within the outer boundaries of the organic law Confederation state such as Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, etc. where the people actually live and not RESIDE.
ONLY Territorial Federal Government Citizens, Persons, American Nationals, Legal Fictions, and/or Corporate Commercial Entities RESIDE in their “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings” according to the 1787 second rewritten Territorial Federal United States Constitution that is only a rewrite, not organic law. Are you the United States or one of their the Federal Sub-corporation State Of Citizen or Legal Fiction Artificial Person?
With the Military ZIP CODE beside your sub-corporation State, they are designating the mail to a Territorial Federal Legal Fictitious PERSON or U.S. CITIZEN in the Sub-Corporation STATE OF FLORIDA, FL., STATE OF GEORGIA, GA, or the STATE OF KENTUCKY, KY, etc. and not you, the living man, that lives in the separate Confederation state.
These Corporations are sending, mailing, or carrying these unlawful mail letters, legal documents, or packages to a Legal Fiction CITIZEN PERSON RESIDING within the Territorial Federal Government Corporation’s “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings”, that is located within the outer boundaries and separate from the 50 organic law Confederation states where the First and only true lawful Constitution for the United States of America lies.
The Territorial Federal Government is only located in their “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings” according to their 1787 rewritten Territorial Federal Constitution that is not American Organic Law, but under “Color of Law” STATUTES, CODES, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUBLIC POLICY, and COURT CASES. Only the Legislative can write or create laws or issue licenses according to their on=wn Territorial Federal Constitution!! The State Supreme Court can only CERTIFY Foreign BAR Schooled ATTORNEYS and cannot issue them a license to practice law! Look it up in your research.
In order to convict you of the crime “Mail Fraud” or any other crime, the Federal prosecutor has to prove that you are a U.S. Citizen using “Conclusion of Law” and not their commercial “PRESUMPTIONS”, “ASSUMPTIONS’, or “OPINIONS” when you question and demand them to prove in any court that you are a U.S. Citizen and RESIDE in their “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings” under Federal Territorial Jurisdiction when you actually live in a separate confederation state with the same sounding name that is located outside their Federal “STATES OF” District of Columbia sub-corporations.
You can raise, challenge, and demand they prove either Subject Matter Jurisdiction or the United States Federal Territorial Jurisdiction at any time before, during, or even after you have been convicted of a civil or criminal crime and even if your home has been foreclosed and stolen by the Bank Investment Company that loaned no money to you..
And since you do not reside in their corporate “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings”, in their Federal “STATES OF” sub-corporations, you should win your case if you know what you are doing and challenge jurisdiction.
This is because they cannot prove that they have Territorial jurisdiction when you live NEAR one of the 8 or 12 regional State Of Military Zip Codes in one of the 50 separate confederation states that are located without and outside their Sub-Corporation STATES OF Territorial Federal “Forts, magazines, arsenals, or other needful buildings”.
I live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida near 32547 where Florida is not written in all capital initials or spelled CAPITAL FL! Where do you live? Or do you RESIDE in and with a Territorial Federal Military Zip Code? Think about it..

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