"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Middle Names as Identification

YOUR STRAWMAN ID or Birth Certificate Government MONEY and CREDIT SCAM

All government officials presume that you have a middle name as identification and as a commercial controlling mechanism to make sure that you pay for your Government created and owned Legal Fiction NAME as a commercial artificial Person, Citizen, Strawman, Legal Entity, and Corporation.

If you do not have a middle name the government officials make up out of thin air a middle name for you.

My first name is David Young de and my last name is God.

I do not have a middle name or initial, but some government officials recently have illegally used and PRESUMED that my Kentuckian sovereign Birth Certificate proper form name with Capital and lower case letters as is proper English as taught in School and the “Nasa” Style Manuel Names Publication as they wrote my lawful Republic name, David as my first Name in all CAPS; Young as my Middle Name in all CAPS, and illegally and unlawfully lumped part of my first name the de with my last Name; thus, commercially presuming that my last name is DEGOD in all capital letters which it is not.

I then rebutted, wrote, and submitted a Motion and a certified copy of my republic Kentuckian Birth Certificate to prove that my first name is David Young de and my Family name is God as is on the government birth certificate I mailed to the Clerk of Courts to let ALL Judges know to state my changed and corrected Name with the American Federal District Court of the United States Article III Court which in turn shall filter down to all STATE and local judges, attorneys, and Courts pursuant to their own Commercial STATUTES they presume as laws. Let us see what happens.

Then you have to work like hell to set them straight with showing the birth certificate with your all Capital NAME on it and that sets off another can of worms because that ALL CAPS NAME is not you. Remember, it is the INITIALS that the government created and gave you in their commercial matrix word of commerce thus, placing you as SURETY and Debt Slave to pay this artificial Person’s presumed debts.

The Government Officials PRESUME a lot until you set them straight with your true name your Mother or Father gave you just before or when you were born into this sovereign republic land word of the first styled “United States of America” under the original organic 2nd law of the land Constitution, the Articles of Confederation.

The Northwest Ordinance that put territories joining as States on equal footing as the original 13 Colony States was the third organic law and no other organic laws followed. The American Declaration of Independence was the first organic law.
Think about it..

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