"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts Of Human Ownership

Municipal cestui que vie trusts of human ownership

Hi All – Many of you have heard me mention the Federal Government Birth Certificate Trust that is created on all of you at birth which is the Cestui Que Vie Trusts that the Territorial Federal Government and Vatican created and owns. Their Birth Certificates pertain to your Double Imaginary Person. There is plenty of information out there on the “cestui” Trust so do your own research.

The point is everything comes back to “their Territorial Federal Government fiat Debt money debt system” and why they are forcing you, the American people into “radiated” enslavement

1. to implant mRNA into you to alter your DNA – and

2. to once again flip the “Cestui” Trust to enslave you yet again under their new revised New World Order “debt system” and soon coming to a New Currency System that will not change how Banks pretend to loan you money for debts.

I have explained to you here at Cancel1Mortgage.info how your presumed debts can be paid off and Discharged in 14 days with success when and if you follow my written client instructions and take action..
READ this website Cancel1Mortgage.info and the links as many times as it takes for you to learn of the Government and Banks criminal fraud perpetrated upon you, the American people..

If you don’t comprehend the above at least please do some research on the dangers of vaccines and that forcing anyone to take a vaccine is nothing short of genocide on the people, especially the Covid19 Vaccine with the injected nana chip to further control you, the population..

Recently South Africa stopped giving the Covid19 Vaccine because they found out that the Covid19 Vaccine is not effective to keep people from getting sick with the flu, Covid19 laced or not!!
The Covid19 Vaccine does not work or protect you in any Country, but in the United States, this vaccine does contain the Bill Gates ultra-small Nanochip to control your every movement!! Welcome to the New World Order folks!!

The governor of the Philippine Island, CEBU, has declared the stop to Covid19 vaccines and wearing masks so the poor people can make a living as before the Plandemic of this Covid19 HOAX because she has discovered and found out by world doctors statements and research that locking people down or forcing them to wear masks does not stop or prevent the FLU or Covid19 Virus.. Soon other countries will come to the same conclusion that locking people down, forcing their business to close, wearing masks, and forcing the poor people to suffer with no way to earn a living is a bunch of NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT propaganda.

Anna von Reitz has said the following: “By accepting their “vaccine” containing their patented mRNA, you are converted into a GMO Agricultural “product” that they can own and harvest as human collateral under the current US Patent Laws—

Once the Territorial Federal Government secures that ownership interest of your BODY, they can access your credit and ESTATE again; thus, making you human collateral legally, and “bring your ESTATE back to life” —- put your Child lost at sea TRUST/ESTATE back on the books as a human collateral DEBTOR supporting the Federal TERRITORIAL Government and their World Debts. That’s what the Territorial Federal UNITED STATES Government considers “returning to life” —– as a normal SLAVE”. Think about it..

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