"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Scammers Everywhere To RIP YOU OFF, BEWARE

Scammers and Hackers Are Everywhere To RIP YOU OFF, So BEWARE!

The Scammer that has been ripping my future customers off has a new team that calls you if you call my old phone number or email me at Gmail.com.. Somehow, beyond my knowledge, he intercepts either my emails and/or my phone calls, so PLEASE, for your own SAFETY, SKYPE me with my username of “dayglobal” only and I shall give you a new email address to send the documents. This will ensure we will be face to face and you will know it is me that you are talking to and not some Scammer.

The scammer has a new person on his team that does not have an accent, but he does not have my voice either. My websites are bombarded each day with thousands of hacker attacks wanting my valuable CAP Security Instrument information on my State Licensed and Legally Processed CAP Security Instruments to pay off your debts just for the Scammer and cohorts to make money and to SCAM YOU. Don’t set on the fence either.

Take action and get your debt paid off and discharged in only 14 days, and if the scammer or anyone calls without your specific request calls ASK as many questions for his information as you can and report it to your local authorities, his local authorities of the phone he is calling from, The FBI, The CIA, INTERPOL, and all other law enforcement agencies you can think of and I shall send you my new email so you can send this Scammer information to me so I can help fight this scammer.

In you helping me, I may be able to help you from parting with your money to the scammer and get nothing in return. Actually get your debt(s) legally and permanently paid off and discharged with our legally processed CAP Security Instrument so you can be debt-free in 14 days..

Remember it is not me that calls you without your special request, because I will never call you. I always ask you to call me on SKYPE using dayglobal as my username before you send or deposit any money!! In this way, hopefully he and his team of cohorts will be shut down so you will not be Ripped Off, Scammed, and Robbed of your money thinking it is me.

I receive emails all the time from people strangers who call me a SCAMMER and FRAUD and claim to be my clients and are not.. It seems that the Scammer has ripped another person off and that person blames me.. Please pass this video link around to as many people as possible..

Please read my CAP Security Instrument e-booklet and it will tell you all you need to know about my Business Chase Bank Account to deposit my processing cost into. Do NOT send any money orders, checks, Cash to anyone else or any other Bank Account!!

My websites are bombarded with thousands of hackers and scammers trying to rob you, rip off my business information, harming me and my reputation, and sometimes even sending out fake payments to your banks or credit card companies pretending to be me.

My clients inform me about any suspicious caller who calls them pretending to be me. Those of you who have fell for their scam are the victims, so step up and report these scammers after getting all their information as possible.

The Scammers have 5 or 6 different phone numbers, several addresses in different States, and have cheated and scammed their victims out of tens of thousands of dollars pretending to be me, especially since this Government introduced Fake FLU Corona Virus Hysteric Pandemic that has closed businesses and put good people like you out of jobs.

NOW THAT THE SCAMMER TEAM KNOWS that I live in the Northwest panhandle of Crestview, Florida, the Scammer Team has gotten a new Crestview, Florida phone number of 850-708-7703 to call you acting as me, my associate, my processor, my employee, or my partner which is NOT me folks.

This man has several piece-mill data processors and neither is in the UNITED STATES. This imposter phone number is not mine. It may be a woman that calls you, but she will also be in the SCAMMER Team of cohorts as my wife will NEVER CALL YOU.

This man, David Young of the Family: God and my wife, are the only true processors of the CAP Security Instrument that has been very successful in getting your debts paid off and discharged for mortgage and other debts for your freedom when and if you follow my 100% money-back Guarantee Client Instructions for my processing of your CAP Security Instrument.

My wife is with me 24/7 in Crestview, Florida. She has only been in Austin, Texas and Crestview, Florida and no other States or addresses.

In my CAP Security Instrument E-booklet at Cancel1Mortgage.info this man informs you and gives permanent BANK DEPOSIT information, so if you have not ordered your CAP Security Instrument e-booklet in the last 4 months, I suggest that you reorder now.

In my e-booklet I inform you to deposit into my David Young de God bank in Crestview, Florida only. So, please do not deposit your CAP Processing money into another bank account so you will not be ripped off, even if the person on the phone tells you to!!

Don’t send any money orders, checks, CASH, or other forms of money to any address in any other man’s or woman’s name, because that is not how this man gets paid for doing my job for you..

This new Scammer Cohort team, the person who calls you now has no accent as reported to me from a concerned repeat client that called him wanting my client to deposit money into another bank account.

Luckily, my repeat client knows my voice from listening to my YouTube Videos and phone communications over the years and my Chase Bank account information. He informed me of the fact of an American voice without an accent on the other end of the phone from the Scammer claiming to be David Young and he knew it was not me.

I do NOT call you when you make an inquiry about the LPN or CAP unless you ask me to. Then I insist you call me on SKYPE, because I may no longer have a phone shortly because of the Scammer illegally taking control of my phone voicemails and/or my Gmail account as I do not know how he is hacking into them.

If anyone calls you, ABOUT MY SERVICE AFTER YOU CALLING MY OLD PHONE NUMBERS, it will be the Scammer and not me because I only talk to you on SKYPE. SKYPE is a free download, folks so it does not cost anything to remain safe from the Scammers

Don’t be a sucker or a victim. Call me on Skype with my username of “dayglobal” and let’s talk face to face so you will know it is me you are talking to so you will not lose your hard earned money to the Scammer.. Please help me stop this scammer from harming you by you giving me all his information you can. AND please subscribe to my David Young YouTube Video Channel and get to know me.

My Chase Bank account was hacked and has been closed down, so you can deposit into my Crestview Bank account only starting 1 May 2020. Think about it..

We are now accepting bitcoin payments for each CAP Security Note: Bitcoin wallet number is


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