"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

SCAMMERS Pretending To Be Me To Steal Your Money

People That Are Pretending To Be David Allen Young Steals Money By Ripping Off Future Clients Who Did Not Read the Updated CAP Security Instrument e-booklet..

One or two of my future clients that I know of was scammed by these people and $5,000 was sent by one to the imposter David Young and woman partner.. The Bank cashier check was sent to RHONDA WYMAN PATTERSON, 3370 St. Rose Parkwy1235, Henderson, NV 89052. She has multiple names, e-mails, phone numbers, etc.. Race is no barrier to these SCAMMERS as one of these victims was black and the other was Mexican.

It seems that another SCAMMER may be an American… Be WARNED and BEWARE!! Two of these SCAMMER’s Phone Numbers that I now of thru my clients and customers are: CA # (424) 379-3215 and TX # 806-839-7921. There may be more. It was believed that this person is from India or an Asian country, but now it is questionable.
Another address used by him (THE IMPOSTOR) David Young-name used is at 7700 NW 33 Street, Hollywood, FL 33024
He probably has several other names, addresses, but NEVER send any check to these SCAM Artist Crooks and thieves. I, David Allen Young, am the only processor of the IPN, LPN, or NSI, or CAP Security Instrument and have NO partners, No workers as stated in the previous email, and am NOT David Young, the scammer…
Needless to say, this future client of mine will never receive the CAP Security from these SCAMMERS. Again, don’t be fooled by these impostor Scammers trying to ruin my good reputation and my legally processed IPN, LPN, NSI, and CAP Security Instruments Debt Payoff Business..

As I have explained in the previous YOUTUBE video, this is a new tactic from these scammers, so BEWARE and hang up on them. Do NOT talk to them. DO NOT send any money to them. I do not know how they are getting your phone numbers to call you or your information pretending to be me or work for me at Cancel1Mortgage.info. Only send your processing payment to the address or deposit CHASE BANK in my CAP Security E-booklet and no other and don’t lose your money and don’t be scammed..

REMEMBER, ONLY David Allen Young will ONLY call you from my phone number 850-826-1662 to return your call only if you call me first unless it is to inform you that you have won the CAP Security Instrument Lottery along with an EMAIL. One without the other is not me.. Do not call any other phone number!!
Please visit me at Cancel1Mortgage.info to pay off your debt utilizing the bank approved and very successful CAP Security. I do not charge you more fees for my processing or hidden fees after you become a client to pay off your debts as these SCAMMER claim to..

BE sure to send me an email at ASecretToMoney@gmail.com BEFORE you send any money, Agreements, or ITEMS NEEDED for the CAP Security instrument Processing to ensure it comes to me, David Allen Young for processing As my future clients have called me and told me that they have already sent me money in Nevada and Arizona, but I do NOT live in these States and do not receive mail there..

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