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Tax Collection Defense in 6 – Six Easy Steps

Tax collection defense in 6 six easy steps

How to handle Tax Collection Defense in 6 easy steps

Here are a few more statute code laws on tax collecting you may want to learn regarding government. Read these laws..

Another, favorite “Organized Crime Operation” of attorneys and judges is “Tax Collection”. In this scam, the United States Attorney acts in “Fraud” to claim the private corporation “IRS” is government and fraudulently claims a debt is owed to the government under Title 26 of the United States Codes.

But the “IRS” is not a government or even a part of the government, it is a private “For-Profit Corporation”. Therefore, it must be dealt with like any other “Debt Collector” under Title 15, specifically 15 USC 1692a-n, commonly referred to as the “Fair Debt Collection Act”.

Step One: Dispute all debts in writing. By answering the claim and placing it in dispute, the IRS is required to prove its claim in court. 15 USC 1692g. (Dispute as above with questioning Federal Territorial Jurisdiction that you are a U.S. Citizen of their corporation.)

Step Two: Challenge the IRS Agent to prove he is a government official. False or misleading statements by a “Debt Collector” is prohibited 15 USC 1692e. This establishes the crime of “Fraud” 18 USC 1001 by the IRS Agent. Demand the Agent to produce the blue-inked contract you signed with him. When he can not, no contract is present no jurisdiction for the court can be established.

Step Three: “Validate” the debt. The IRS Agent always claims you owe this debt. So make them prove their claim. Demand the IRS Agent, to produce the physical human being who “assessed” your taxes. They have not produced one to date.

By not being able to produce the person who assessed your taxes, they can not validate the debt because it can not be proven correct or incorrect by cross-examination. Demand a dismissal WITH PREJUDICE of all claims.

Step Four: If a debt can not be validated, there can be no collection of it. This is established by 15 USC 1692g(b). Disputed Debts a debt collector must cease collection of the debt until it is validated.

Step Five: Challenge attorney for “Agency” with IRS as outlined above.

Step Six: Challenge Judge and Bank for “TERRITORIAL jurisdiction” without a lawful claim as outlined above.

Think about it..

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