The Disturbing Truth About the Home You Think You Own – Part 3

The disturbing truth about the home you think you own

Suppose Tony Soprano imposed a coffee table property tax on his neighborhood.

He would demand everyone pay him $100 every year—for eternity—for every coffee table they had in their house.
He would increase the amount owed each year depending on the market value of the coffee table. So, his goons would assess the current market value of your coffee tables every year to justify the ever-increasing extortion.

He would threaten those who refused to pay with violence, kidnapping, imprisonment, and the theft of “their” coffee tables and other property.
Would people living in Tony Soprano’s neighborhood really own their coffee tables? NO!

While many people would correctly view this as an intolerable situation, these same people would unquestioningly accept government-imposed property taxes on “their” homes, offices, and raw land out of the word PATRIOTISM or be Patriotic which has nothing to do with property taxes.

In actuality, you don’t really own anything you have to pay a never-ending and ever-increasing property tax to keep. You are merely renting from the real owners—stop paying, and you’ll find out who really owns it.
The government forecloses on the houses of people who don’t always pay their property taxes.

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