"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

The Obama Pin that Stopped the World

The obama pin

The Obama Pin was being created as early as 2015 by President Barack Obama. The Obama Pin started its creation when Obama gave a $3.7 Million Dollar Grant to the Chinese for the Wuhan Laboratory to create the Obama Pin that stopped the World.

Why would Obama give a grant of this sort to China? Then why would Obama grant 2 hundred thousand FREE Visas, U.S. Passports, and businesses here in the UNITED STATES (ALL CAPS) for only the MUSLIM Foreigner Aliens and not for people of other countries to enter the U.S.A. Corporation? This man had to pay a lot of money just to bring my Filipina wife to the states which took about 15 months for her to receive her Green Card and not a full Visa.

Obama also had a hand in the secret level lab in North Carolina and in Argentina to create parts of the Obama Pin that Stopped the World and transferred those parts to Wuhan Chinese Laboratory in 2019 to combine the FLU laced with AIDS and other man-made viruses to create a new strain of FLU impervious to heat, cold, rain, snow, or sunshine to spread upon the world as control the population test for future genocide of the Human Race.

The Obama pin has stopped the world for months, stopped business from opening, put you out of work, stopped the economy as we know it, slowed down the monetary system to introduce a new kind of currency; thus stopping your savings, and made criminals out of all of you with the STAY AT HOME guise of house arrest. This Obama Pin is just a test to see if the GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL YOU and take away your rights and freedom to depend on the Government’s services to not think for yourself.

These sub-corporation STATES OF has requested that most businesses close down and like whipped dogs, the business owners complied without question and knuckled under and OBEYED with tails between their legs against the Constitution, AND it has worked. Governors are warring against the Constitution and taking away more of your rights and freedoms folks. When is this going to end?? Think about it..

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