"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

The UCC Deals With The Following Consecutively Numbered Subjects

1. General Provisions; 2. Sales of goods; 2A. Leases, leases of good; 3. Negotiable Instruments; 4. Bank Deposits; Banks, and Banking, Check collection process; 4A. Fund Transfers, Transfers of perceived money, Fiat FRN DOLLARS, between banks; 5. Letters of Credit, transactions involving letters of credit; 6. Bulk transfers and bulk Sales Actions, and liquidations of assets; 7. Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and other Documents of Title; 8. Investment Securities, Security Instruments, CAP Security Instruments, and financial assets; 9. Secured Transaction, Transactions secured by security interests — and most importantly, Debt Liens.
Under the UCC you are considered to be a “vessel” over which Maritime Admiralty Laws apply.
Under the UCC you can be liened — in total conflict with Declaration of Independence “unalienable rights”.
Under the UCC by contracting — such as applying for a license — your inherent (original) rights are turned into privileges that can be liened. You’re under the contract of Martial Law Rule. You’ve already been liened.
• Your unalienable right to travel is now a privilege to drive.
• Your unalienable right to own property is now a privilege to use the property.
• Your unalienable right to pay off debt is now a privilege to discharge the debt as a debt slave.
• Your unalienable rights and freedom are now a privilege to use government benefits and be controlled.
• Your unalienable right to liberty is now a privilege to be a good little debt slave.
• Your unalienable right to free speech is now a privilege to protest.
• Your unalienable right to hold property is now an asset owned by the government inequity that can be seized at any time.
• Your unalienable right to hunt and fish is now a privilege to hunt and fish, which can be fined.
• Your unalienable right to elect government officials to represent you is now a privilege to vote for corporate foreign agents to rule you.
 These are just a few examples of the usurping statutes of the UCC code of the District of Columbia CORPORATION Franchise. Because the Governments own it all, the Governments own your title; the Governments own your cars; the Governments own everything you registered to the state; and more. The Governments see you as a war-time criminal. Under the UCC all of us are considered to be an asset of the STATE OF DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPALITY Corporation— a civilly dead Person and Citizen Debt slave used as human capital collateral for the Governments’ National debts. All of you are equity for debts to the District of Columbia UNITED STATES CORPORATION MUNICIPALITY. Think about it..

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