"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

The World Lockdown Forced House Arrest

The world lockdown forced house arrest

In October of 2019, the Military World Games were held in Wuhan, China, with military personnel from over one hundred major countries participating. Possibly coincidentally, Wuhan is the foremost center for virus research in China.

Soon after that military event, the coronavirus flu broke out in Wuhan. China said, “It’s not a problem – we got a handle on it.” The Chinese government lied, as most major governments do when faced with a large, sudden problem that makes them appear weak to other nations.

The problem spread. The media in other countries focused on other issues, with only the occasional mention of COVID-19 until the virus was suddenly reported to be in a score of counties around the world. Apparently, unwitting travelers, I should say the Military, in a couple of months, had spread it worldwide. Very for the NEW WORLD ORDER to lock down the world population, don’t you think??

Then something much more peculiar than a seasonal flu virus occurred. In a very short period, governments worldwide announced through their controlled media an emergency condition, predicting dramatic, unprecedented numbers of deaths by the burgeoning fake virus that never happened, but continues to this day..

In the US, a doctor whose career had been in the government since the Reagan administration was brought forth as the unquestioned expert. Like the government “experts” chosen by other countries, he warned of massive deaths, a possible 2,000,000 deaths if no shut-down or lockdown was done, but saying it could be lower – 100,000 to 200,000 – if everything were done perfectly. He soon downgraded this to 60,000 or less, more in keeping with a normal seasonal flu virus. But by then the top number of 2 million people deaths was the one that media kept saying and everyone remembered.

In a normal situation, such dramatic and unscientific shifts in numbers would have made him suspect in the extreme, but in the heat of the moment, this was overlooked. He was the authority. He was in the news every night and he was the only source of daily information, you, the US viewer had. You people were understandably terrified by the numbers of deaths that could be, Could’ve been, should’ve been, but Never Was.
And in other countries, there were other experts like him, making essentially the same unscientific claims.
But before the downgrade was announced, the world countries had already been partially locked down – not enough to stop the spread, but enough to put more people out of work than any single event in history. Enough to collapse the world economy within a month. But regardless, the numbers of reported deaths are quite high. So, surely, this is not a normal virus – this is something very different, and very dangerous.

Except that the doctors who are actually dealing with the patients keep saying,

“This is ridiculous. We’re getting enormous payments from Medicare if we write up a patient as having COVID-19. So, a large percentage of our patients and deaths are being listed as ‘presumptive cases,’ even if they’re not. It’s great for business and the Government, but it’s not medicine.”

Even as early as January 2020, in Italy, seemingly every person who was already in a hospital with an existing respiratory condition and had then died was written up as a coronavirus death by order of their governments. The United States’ unrelated deaths in hospitals with existing respiratory conditions for many months before the outbreak had then died were also contributed to the Coronavirus; thus, elevating the number of presumed deaths dramatically. Throughout the world system, the real numbers were dramatically inflated to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER CONTROLLING THE WORLD PANICKING HUMAN POPULATION. Think about it..

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