What is wrong with violence as your ship is sinking

As the Federal “TAXPAYER” Citizens, Persons, and Debt Slaves, you are told to “Support the Troops” when you know they are trained killers.

You support wars they fight that have nothing to do with your freedom. The Military has murdered millions of men, women, and children and occupied lands that don’t belong to the Territorial Federal United States of America Second Union. That second Country that you think you live in has raped, pillaged, murdered, and bombed countless countries into rubble while you presumed Federal U.S. Citizen Persons watch TV and listen to the lying justification by the controlled media monopolies and officials in the Territorial Federal United States of America.

There are rivers of blood on your hands. So what is this utterly Territorial Federal Government lying bullshit about? “Don’t be violent”!! “Take your Covid-19 Vaccination shots that have been found ineffective by South Africa and other countries, even the United States and causes more health problems, and may kill you” sooner than if you had not have taken the Covid-19 vaccine!!

You have been supporting horrific violence for centuries and remain at war with other Countries just because of the Territorial Federal Government’s lies and deceit. Look at IRAN – weapons of mass destruction that the Federal United States Government lied about and never found.

Now the TV, Territorial Federal Government, and bullshit artists are telling you “You must give up your rights and take a killer vaccine to protect your health.” All bullshit!  

Finally, you have a good reason to support violence. THE SHIP’S GOING DOWN!  Get off your comfy couch, rip the dirty Government requested diapers off Your face, breathe some fresh air, exercise, stay healthy, and do something FAST to protect yourself!!!!

Wearing a brown nose cloth, plastic, or surgical mask only compounds the problem and only keeps about 90% of the Coronavirus out. You can still contract covid19 even with wearing a mask 24/7/365 for the rest of your life. Since your eyes are a soft membrane, the Covid19 virus can enter your body. Are you going to wear a blindfold also if the Government says you must?? This is medical Science folks..

Instead of breathing fresh air that is keeping you alive and well, you keep breathing the virus-infested mask keeping all viruses breathing into your lung and out of your lungs and the same virus back you’re your lungs in a vicious cycle that will kill you eventually!! This is not to mention the harmful carbon monoxide you keep breathing constantly while wearing a Government controlled mask. AND 6 feet apart that they call SOCIAL DISTICING is for a terrible experimentation Government ONE WORLD ORDER reason that proves that you are 6 feet in the depth of a grave as an OBEDIENT DEAD MAN WALKING or ZOMBIE. Think about it..

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