"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

An Object of Taxes Should be to Cut the…

An object of taxes should be to cut the…

As far as Trump minimizing his taxes, congratulations to him.

The object should be to cut the size of the US government in half, and cut it in half again, and again to the original size. And along with it, cut the income tax burden that it imposes on the average American.

Trump should be proud of himself for cutting his taxes. It’s your patriotic duty as an American patriot to deny revenue to the Private IRS Corporation and the Sub-Corporation STATE OF wherever you reside in and the kind of people that are drawn to it and populate it.

The fact that some people resent others for not paying taxes is just evidence that they’ve been consumed by the vice of envy, which is one of the worst of the vices.
Jealousy says “if you have something that I want, I’ll try to take it from you, just because I want it.” Envy says “if you have something that I want, and I can’t take it from you, I’ll destroy it and hurt you.”

It speaks poorly of the ethics of you, the average American, that you’ll self-righteously shame your neighbors for not paying “enough” taxes to the DEEP STATE, District of Columbia Corporation Government, that is not really a government at all. Think about it..

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